Adele’s Boyfriend Rich Paul Hints at Having “More Kids”

Rich Paul is ready to be a “different dad.”

The sports agent. who has been dating Adele since last summer, recently reflected on his role as a father to his three children and shared how he sees himself parenting in the future.

“As a young dad, growing a business, it was pretty tough,” he shared exclusively with E! News on June 10 while promoting his partnership with Old Spice’s “School of Swagger,” a 10 year commitment to help increase high school graduation rates by 10%. “But now looking as an older dad, if I was to have more kids, I’m looking forward to being a different dad.”

While Rich said he appreciated the experience he had with being a young parent, he’s vowed that next time around, he wants to “a more patient dad.”

“Oftentimes as you’re building a business, you’re on the go, you’re moving around, the kids grow up fast in a blink of an eye,” he reflected. “Next thing, you know, they’re walking and they’re riding the bike, running and flipping around and that’s the problem.”

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