Jeff Goldblum Reacts to His Viral Shirtless Jurassic Park Meme

Goldblum told Live From E! that he is continuing to celebrate the legacy of the Jurassic movies with his children Charlie and River. “The kids haven’t seen a movie in a movie theater,” he shared. “They’re going to see this one.”

“They’re 27 and 29,” he joked, before clarifying, “No, they’re 7 and 5. We’ve kept them locked in the basement for a couple decades.” 

He also had high praise for his wife, Emilie, who was by his side at the Hollywood premiere. As Goldblum noted, “She’s effortlessly graceful, elegant and spectacular like the constellation in the night sky.” 

To see all the stars arriving for the Jurassic World Dominion premiere, keep reading.

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