The Rehearsal’s Angela Addresses Her Abrupt Departure

The show must go on.

The latest episode of Nathan Fielder‘s HBO series The Rehearsal saw the exit of Angela, a devout Christian and single woman looking to start a family of her own, after they disagreed about raising their fake son, who is played by multiple child-actors, with Jewish and Christian beliefs.

Nathan joined Angela’s experiment, during which she was rehearsing to be a mother, after her relationship with Robbin Stone, an ex who she invited on the journey, fizzled out. Since then, fans have seen Nathan and Angela amicably co-parent Adam, their fake son. But the rehearsal goes awry when Nathan asks Angela in Aug. 11’s episode if they could raise Adam as both Jewish and Christian. This doesn’t go over well with Angela, who insists on raising Adam as a Christian.

But Nathan wants Adam to understand the Jewish faith, so he takes one of the child actors to Judaism classes when he’s really supposed to be taking him to swim class. When the Jewish instructor Miriam learns about this deception, she demands to meet Angela to convince her that Judaism isn’t bad. However, things quickly get tense and at one point, Miriam calls Angela an “antisemite.”

Ultimately, Angela decided that she’s done with the Rehearsal

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