Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Delivers Combat Scenes Unlike Any We’ve Seen Before

Top Gun pilots are reputed to be the elite. They are the ones you contact when no one else is capable of completing the task. Thus, when the latest generation of arrogant, high-flying pilots requires instruction, they justifiably question who on Earth is capable of telling THEM what to do. Enter Maverick, a renowned Tom Cruise character who hasn’t been seen in decades… and whose own sequel has been delayed way too many times due to different issues interfering with theatrical releases. Top Gun: Maverick is currently aiming for a May 27 release date, and so a likely final trailer has come, promising never-before-seen battle scenarios. We can believe it based on our knowledge of Cruise.

Top Gun: Maverick' Shifts Release Date, Leaves July 4 For November –  Deadline

High Gun: Maverick’s trailer makes it very apparent that Tom Cruise’s frequently-disciplined Maverick persona was not the first pick of any top brass to return to the Navy flight school and teach elite pilots for a special mission. However, this video reveals that Iceman (Val Kilmer), Maverick’s former adversary, suggested him for the mission. Additionally, we get an excellent look at Kilmer in character:

However, Val Kilmer will not be reduced to a framed photograph on the wall. Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski previewed a moment involving the co-stars in an interview with GamesRadar, explaining:

To get to work with an actor of that caliber, to see the chemistry, the camaraderie between him and Tom, and to have those two characters reunite in this film, was a really special moment, and one of my favorite parts of the film.

Joseph Kosinski has already cooperated with Tom Cruise on the undervalued sci-fi drama Oblivion. It was during that film that Cruise saw Kosinski as the ideal director for the first Top Gun film since 1986. It’s tempting to dismiss Top Gun: Maverick as the latest example of Legacy Greenlighting, in which the film business is eager to greenlight any project with a nostalgic bent. Put Cruise on a motorcycle wearing Aviator sunglasses and crank up some Kenny Loggins and watch the older demographic flood in.

Only, Tom Cruise appears to be adamant about his legacy. And he could easily keep himself occupied cranking out Mission: Impossible sequels (and arguing with the studio about when to release them). However, he must trust in the story conveyed in Top Gun: Maverick in order to reprise this iconic role and then battle for a theatrical release, which has resulted in multiple delays for the anticipated blockbuster.

To be sure, Top Gun: Maverick will make its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival before hitting theaters on May 27. If the footage is anything like the first 15 minutes that we saw last August, we are all in for a real treat.

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