6 killed, 10 injured in Sacramento shooting

According to Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester, officers were patrolling the neighbourhood at 2 a.m. when they heard gunfire.

When officers got on location, they saw a huge throng gathering on the street and six bodies. Another ten either died unexpectedly or were sent to hospitals.

Authorities are unsure if one or multiple individuals were involved and are appealing for assistance in identifying the perpetrator.

Ms. Lester did not specify the type of firearm used.

“This is a pretty intricate scene,” she remarked. Ms. Lester appealed to the public to call police if they had any information about the event.

Following the gunshot, a video of individuals sprinting through the street was released on Twitter.

Video showed multiple ambulances at the scene.

“Words can't describe my amazement & anguish this morning,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg tweeted.

The numbers of dead and wounded are staggering. We eagerly await additional details regarding this unfortunate incident.”

Residents have been warned to stay away from the neighbourhood, which is densely packed with restaurants and clubs, including the London nightclub.

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