Why Katie Austin Wants to Remove the Word “Motivation” From Exercise

According to Denise, having social media accounts is one of the ways she’s stayed on people’s radar, explaining it’s “fantastic because you get to hear from your people. I had to wait for letters to come to the TV station.”

However, Katie explains that social media comes with its own downsides for both of them.

“She’s new to the haters. Back then, she’s on TV and no one could really send her a hate DM like they can to me,” Katie said. “I get a lot of haters online. Showing exactly who you are and being vulnerable is really hard on social media, because you’re opening up to the world to say whatever opinions that they want.”

“But,” Katie continued, looking at the bright side, “that’s the beauty of it, too. Reaching so many people and making sure that all opinions are heard, I think getting that feedback right away is really important.”

But Katie points out that the benefits to exercise extend beyond what it does to a person physically, noting that it is “not only good for your physical health but I’m big on working out for your mental health.”

“There’s a lot of fitness programs about losing weight and I’ve never revolved my workouts around that,” she continued. “I personally believe that you work out to feel your best self. Working out truly makes you feel better, more confident, more productive and accomplished. It’s also what makes my mom and I so positive. It can really switch your mindset and perspective.”

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